This is Modern Homes By Kyle Cornman

On this episode your host Mike Hearne sits down with 5th generation custom home builder Kyle Cornman. Kyle's whole life has revolved around construction, he's born and raised in Piedmont, Oklahoma where he still lives today. After working for his Dad and Grandpa for as long as he can remember, Kyle made the decision to pave his own path and dive head first into the modern home building world here in Oklahoma. Kyle's passion for Marvel movies led him to wanting to build a modern home. If you've seen Iron Man you know the house I'm talking about. Kyle spotted a gap in the residential market for custom modern homes, armed with a lifetime of family knowledge he started Modern Homes By Kyle Cornman and more recently Modern Builder LLC a commercial devision of his company. You can find Kyle on Instagram @modernhomebuilder and @modernbuildersllc Thanks for listening and don't forget, share to one friend and leave us a review 5* preferred. "

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